mug club

Salem's Original Mug Club

Here's what it takes to get in-

Here's what it takes to get in-

You will imbibe in a transcendental beer journey by experiencing all our draught beers and bottled beers within twelve (12) weeks, or one quarter of a year. Since all drafts are served in 22 ounce mugs, a nice pace would be six beers per week, if you can do that for three (3) months you're in!

Here's what you'll have earned as Village Tavern Mug Clubber-

The day you finish the initiation period you will be asked to 'Quote-thy-Quote.' Meaning you will choose a quote of your choice; which we will engrave on your own personal Village Tavern Juggernaut 25oz Mug. Your Mug will receive its own secure downtown Salem Condo for life; you may visit it as often as you like and will always have access to it by simply asking your bartender for

"The MC Key" Here's the best part, normal pours in our regular mugs are 22 ounces; since Mug Clubbers Mugs are 25 ounces you'll receive (3) ounces extra on every single draft forever for the same 22oz price.

Your Personal Induction Night into the Mug Club Hall of Fame-

You'll be notified by Village Tavern Management once your Mug has come back from the engraver and agree on a convenient date for your ceremony night. All ceremonies are on Wednesday Nights at 7 PM, which are the official Village Tavern Mug Club Nights.

You'll be called on Stage and Introduced. At that time you can do a simple 5-second 'Thank you everybody' or stay up there all you want, and do a beer influenced filibuster by thanking your Mother and all your friends one by one. You got the mic!

In addition to your 25oz engraved Mug; you'll also receive that night, the official Mug Club T-Shirt (not for sale, you have to earn it) a wood framed Mug Club Certificate, bearing your name with your official induction dates, the privilege of drinking your complimentary choice of beer from the official house "Gilded Mug" as all other mug clubbers have done before you. (Sanitized very well)

And to top it all off; a dinner of your choice from our entire menu, including our King Size Roast Prime Rib or Famous Steak Tips.

That's not all-

Mug Club & Brewery Tasting Night is every Wednesday; official Mug Clubbers receive 50% off all appetizers and Flatbread Pizzas, plus on most Wednesdays, local breweries offer free beer samples from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Ready to get started?

Just complete the online form below and you're on your way; no fees, just fun.

This is where your Mug Club Challenge begins!